Weekend Roundup: My Favorite Reads, Inspiration, and Shopping Picks

Weekend Roundup: My Favorite Reads, Inspiration and Shopping Picks

I’m headed on a work trip soon, and don’t know when I’ll be able to post again, so I’m sharing this quick post in case you don’t hear from me for a while.

Here are links I’ve been loving lately, what I’m watching, what’s inspiring me, and my favorite shopping picks right now.

1. Everything Is Reversible

One of my favorite new voices in the personal finance community is City Frugal. A post in particular that stood out to me is about decision paralysis, how we overemphasize possible negative consequences, and how most decisions we make are temporary.

Each of these decisions terrified me before I made them. I stressed about them, asked friends and coworkers for advice, and fretted about every possible thing that could go wrong. 

However, none of these were permanent decisions. 

If you’ve ever struggled with choosing a bank, for example, then this post will help you learn how to take small, calculated risks.

One question that has helped me with decisions is: What’s the worst thing that’s going to happen?

If I choose the wrong bank, then the worst-case scenario is I take my money out and find a new bank. In that case, choosing a bank isn’t that scary and doesn’t require researching every option.

2. Is Travel Just Materialism in Disguise?

Last week, I tweeted how experiences can be things, and vice versa.

I was especially thinking about how travel is often a prized experience that most people approve as justifiable spending.

But are trips always deep and life-changing? I love to travel, but make no mistake, on some trips all I’m doing is consuming…just in another place. And as buying material things is sometimes driven by external validation, travel can fall into that category, as well.

How many of us have posted our trips on social media, for example (myself included), because we want to rack up the likes or make people jealous?

My friend Amanda wonderfully articulated exactly what I’m thinking in her post, Is Travel Just Materialism in Disguise?

It’s important to consider travel and tourism for what they are: consumer-driven activities that we may sometimes engage in for the same types of reasons that someone buys a big house or a luxury vehicle: because we want to fill our lives with pretty things, things that are rare and exotic and that people will ask us about.

Coincidentally, she’s gallivanting through the Dolomites as we speak!

3. What I Just Binged

My husband and I just finished watching Netflix’s Unbelievable, centered around a young girl accused of lying about a rape, and the two detectives who uncover the real story. As someone who’s had to report a crime to the police once, and was basically laughed out of the station, this show triggered me big time. But I’m glad that these types of stories are getting attention, because they’ve been swept under the rug for way too long.

4. Home Decor Inspiration

Source: Remodelista

*Affiliate links below*

For some serious home decor inspiration, it doesn’t get much better than this colonial house. Seriously, I’ve never seen a house so tastefully decorated. Every single object is on point, and I’m now considering the CB2 Lubi daybed, even though our pets would destroy it immediately. A girl can dream, right?

5. My Shopping Picks


The Shopbop Stock Up sale is happening! You get at least 20% off with code STOCKUP19, which can be good for buying essentials you already like. Here are my picks:

If you’re looking for a new winter coat, Woolrich has classic parkas that are expensive, so this sale could help you save over $100.

If you wear a small cup size like me (A-cup represent!), I have this Timpa bra in multiple colors.

My Falke tights are expensive, but they’ve lasted for years.


Nordstrom has a bunch of Equipment blouses on sale for 30-40% off, including this black silk one.


If you’re new to The Real Real, you can get a $25 new member credit. Make sure to use Paypal to get your return shipping refunded, in case you need to send some items back.

Combat boots are having a moment, and I like these Robert Clergerie boots for fall.

I find it hard to justify buying sweaters brand new these days. This A.P.C. camel hair sweater is in a versatile grey color, all-natural materials, and virtually new–for less than $100.

Comme des Garcons is currently my wallet brand of choice, and here’s a brand-new one for half the price.

Hope you are having a relaxing weekend! Would love to discuss any of the above!

Featured Image: Unsplash

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