That Time I Bought a Canada Goose Jacket…and Saved $215

How I Got a Canada Goose Jacket on Sale

Canada Goose jackets are one of those divisive topics. You either think they’re a rip off, or you don’t.

Regardless of which camp you’re in, the fact remains: it’s THE jacket brand for urban folks who want to stay warm and not look like the Michelin Man. Their value is debatable, but their ubiquity is unmistakable—try really hard, but you won’t be able to commute on the train without seeing at least one on every ride.

Canada Goose Victoria Parka
Canada Goose Victoria Parka. Image: Tessuti

But Canada Goose jackets don’t come cheap.

When I bought mine in 2014, it retailed for $595. Today, it’s selling for a whopping $875. Holy crap. With prices like these, and the fact that they never on sale, it’s natural to wonder: how does everyone afford these???

Today I’m going to show you a shopping hack for how you can create your own deal on Canada Goose or anything that seems to never go on sale. I’m looking at you, SK-II masks and Equipment silk blouses.

But since fall JUST started, why are we talking about winter coats in September? Two reasons:

  • The promo code I used usually comes out in October. That’s right around the corner.
  • Those who plan and organize ahead of time usually get the deals.

When the Usual Tactics Don’t Work

For six years, I wore a $100 Uniqlo parka. Whenever I wore it, I could always feel the cold air sneaking through the fabric. The pockets were unlined and paper thin, so if I forgot to bring my gloves, well, I had a rough time.

But a few years ago, I decided enough was enough. It was time to stop being cheap, and upgrade.

As usual, I did thorough research cross-referencing reviews on blogs, and tried the jacket on a million times in person. Normally, I would have stalked the jacket like crazy until it went on sale. The problem? The style I wanted, the Victoria, was such a popular-selling item, and much to my dismay, it NEVER went on sale. Trust me, I waited. I was going to have to pay the retail price of $595.

Most people would either:

Settle for a cheaper option with fewer features
Buy the jacket full price

But not me.

I knew by waiting for the right time, and taking advantage of promo codes and cash back bonuses, I’d be able to save money.

Enter the shopping portals. What the heck is a shopping portal? Most credit cards and airlines have these virtual malls where you can earn extra reward points or cashback by shopping through their affiliate links. If I’m buying something online anyway, a few extra clicks to earn money just makes sense. So every time I shop online I always check shopping portals to see which one is offering the highest amount of points.

To sum it up, shopping portals are a favorite money-earning strategy of mine 🙂

Exactly How I Got a Discount on a Canada Goose Parka

Here’s the step-by-step for how I was able to stack promos on top of one another for major savings.

1. I Waited for a Saks Fifth Avenue Promo Code

I’m on the Saks email list, and a few times of year they have these promos where you can save 20% off your entire purchase. Of course, there are designer exclusions listed at the bottom of the emails, but Canada Goose wasn’t one of them. Score.

Promo Code Savings: $120

TIP: I dug through my emails, and other promos I’ve seen that are perfect for those big-ticket items are:

  • Take $100 off a $500 purchase
  • Take $175 off a $750 purchase

The designer exclusions are even more relaxed for these promos.

2. I Used My Credit Card’s Shopping Portal

Pay attention, online shopping addicts. Discover It (referral) is one of the most effective credit cards for earning cashback rewards. Out of all the shopping portals, Discover seems to consistently offer the highest points/per dollar for all the places we regularly shop at (Sephora, Saks, Barneys, etc.). I use Cashbackholic to do a quick check to see how much each portal is offering. Here’s an example of the search results for Saks.

It’s not 100% updated all the time, but it’s good to use as a cursory check. Then you go in and check the individual portals where you have accounts.

At the time, Saks was offering a whopping 15 points per dollar, just by clicking on the affiliate link in Discover’s portal.

Shopping Portal Savings: $71.40

Then I got redirected to the Saks website and shopped like I normally would.

3. I Took Advantage of Discover’s Cash Back Bonus Calendar

Discover also has 5% cash back bonuses on certain categories every quarter.

For the last quarter of the year, the categories happened to include department stores, like Saks. The cool part is you can STACK this 5% bonus on top of the shopping portal one from above. (I called Discover to double-check that I could do this.)

5% Cash Back Bonus Savings: $23.80

And that is how I got a deal on a super popular item where there are seemingly no discounts. By delaying my purchase until the right time, and taking advantage of credit card rewards, I saved a total of $215 on a purchase I was going to make anyway. Did I mention before that shopping portals are my favorite?

All in all, I ended up paying $647.81 out of pocket, including tax, plus the $120.00 in discounts and $95.20 in cashback earnings. That cashback earnings are still sitting in my Discover account, waiting to be used, but if I applied them as a statement credit, my total out-of-pocket costs would be $432.81 for a jacket that retailed for $595.

So, if you want a luxury item, you don’t have to settle for the two usual options: buying a cheaper version or not buying what you want at all. By being industrious and strategically using shopping portals and promo codes, you can create your own discount on those pesky items that never, ever go on sale by themselves.

Want to start earning points through shopping portals? Apply for the Discover It card, and you can earn a $50 bonus by making a purchase within 3 months. 

Are you a fan of shopping portals? What are some deals you’ve gotten? Any other creative ways you’ve saved money?

How I Saved Over $200 on a Canada Goose Jacket

Image: Unsplash

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  • I love scoring deals like this! That’s partly why I can’t bring myself to delete my promotional emails save for once or twice a quarter. And you’re right! The Discover It card is one of my faves. Glad you scored your coat for such a deal!

    • Thanks, Penny! I’m especially glad I got the coat before the prices have gone wayyy up. Ouch. Oh, I know what you mean about the promo emails. I delete most of them, except for the ones that have the great sales, hehe. I feel like Discover It still flies under the radar, but they consistently have the highest promos for where I’d naturally shop. I guess some people get weirded out that Discover isn’t “accepted everywhere,” but I’ve never really had a big problem with it. It’s also nice because there’s no annual fee. So I just use it strategically once or twice a year to maximize points, and otherwise it just sits in my drawer.

  • My employer has a discount shopping portal that I’ve used to get 10% off my MacBook, and 20-30% off flights. Definitely makes sense to check out CC portals too when planning big purchases.

    • Oh yeah, I remember I had a job where you could get a Apple products at a discount. I never took advantage, though. Yes, the CC portals can really make a difference, especially with the big purchases. Sometimes I do so see Apple earn rates as high as 5 pts per dollar. So if you’re computer was $1,200, you’d earn 6,000 points easy. Another good big-ticket win is suitcases from eBags.

  • Christina Bellevue

    Another excellent post, Luxe! This is smart because I’m one of thise who cave in too quickly. You’re the one who introduced me to shopping portals, and they’re a fixture of my life (and wallet) today! And regarding Cinci thrifitng and/or vintage shopping, make sure to hit up Mannequin in OTR and Casablanca Vintage while you’re there. The shopping is phenomenal at both of those stores and the prices are excellent (especially Casablanca, which Bruno Mars visited when he went to Cincinnati while on tour!)

    • Thanks, Christina! Ha, there’s one thing I’m never afraid of–and that’s doing work! So glad you’ve discovered the beauty of shopping portals. As long as you’re buying the stuff you’d be buying already, the points/cash really add up with very little effort.

      I checked both those Cincy places and those look amazing. I seriously can’t wait! I’m already plotting how little to pack to make room for purchases. Thanks again for those suggestions!

  • I bought my first pair of Loubis this way and do not understand how people don’t use coupons and cashback portals. PS have you tried Cle de Peau masks. Swoon.

    • Yeah, to me, just the one extra step takes a couple minutes, and can really pay off. I’ve trained my husband to check the portals before online purchases, and sometimes he still forgets! But once it’s a habit, it’s a habit.

      I haven’t tried Cle de Peau yet, but they look sooo luxe! Maybe I’ll get one for my honeymoon flight. I won’t look like a weirdo, right?

  • Selena

    Not many people know that the youth jackets are for up to age 18 and have adjustable sleeves. I’m 5’5″, usually wear a 0-2 and was able to fit into a L youth and still had some room for a bulky Icelandic sweater! I ended up saving hundreds of dollars and where I live there’s no tax on children’s clothes so that was an additional 13% of savings! It’s made my walking commute bearable in the winter and saved me so much in the long run with not having to purchase metro passes.

    • Selena,

      This is BRILLIANT. I always shied away from kids sizes, because I felt like the shape was always different. But what a way to save a couple hundred bucks! I’ll definitely have to check the fit next time I see a kid’s version.

  • ying

    For those in NY, Bloomingdale’s has plenty of Canada Goose jackets on sale. I went in the late winter season when it was still very cold and there were a lot of Canada Goose jackets marked down (and not just ugly ones that no one would ever want to wear!). I went to the one in Soho but I imagine the one uptown would have some too! And Bloomingdale’s seems to have a pretty generous return policy so you can always return if you change your mind. 🙂

    • That’s a great tip. They don’t have the same sale stuff happening online. And you answered my question already: I did see some on sale before but they were the bright orange ones in the styles that were less desirable…Not the style I wanted in the more basic colors.

      I wonder if part of the sale is the oversaturation at this point. What goes up eventually has to go down, right?

      • ying

        Oh, I definitely think oversaturation is part of it. It seems like every single person in the city has one of their jackets. They’re going to run out of customers at some point!

        • Definitely! I also think it’s really easy to overexpand when you go public. Gotta keep the revenues up.

  • Hey Lisa,

    Thanks for stopping by. My main motivation for getting the jacket was it had to absolutely be warm. I have no natural insulation, so it’s a subjective thing whether or not it’s worth it. Like right now I’m sitting at my desk, it’s 75 degrees and I have goosebumps! With that said, it does its job of keeping me warm without me having to layer, and sometimes I even get too hot when I have it on! That’s never happened to me before.

    For me, it was worth it at the $595 price because I believe in investing in winter coats. Winter coats need to have utility and you wear them for almost 3 months straight (depending on where you live). However, from a principle standpoint, it does bother me how the price has skyrocketed almost $300 in three years with no additional features. $875 would have me think twice. Here’s why: Bain Capital invested in CG around late 2014 I believe, and CG went public earlier this year. So, they’re not a mom and pop shop anymore. I haven’t seen the latest jackets, but I’d be concerned that the quality has declined while prices have gone up. That’s how I’ve ALWAYS observed how it goes. But if you DO decide to go for it, definitely check those Saks promos!

    Also, Woolrich does a nice, similar-looking coat for a little less, and you can find them on sale a lot. Check the Artic parka:

    Should be able to try on both at Barneys. Let me know if you have any other questions!

  • The cash back portals are worth so much when you’re checking out on a pricey item! I just bought 2 pricey items yesterday and had been waiting diligently for a coupon code to come up at one of the department stores that carried the items and clicked through the Chase portal (though it was only 4%). If only I had thought to wait a few days for the added 5% back at department stores starting October!! I can’t say the categories I purchased from won’t go on sale normally but monitoring the price fluctuations on a per item basis is way harder than monitoring sales/coupon codes for the entire store.

    • Buy the stuff over again to get the points, and return the original order, hehe. Yeah, I kind of want to calculate how much I’ve spent to get the points. I use it very rarely, but for bigger ticket stuff. Next quarter Discover has 5% on Amazon so I will probably grab some Airbnb gift cards from there for future use.

      I think if you use Shop Style, you can mark some stuff you want to be notified for if there’s a sale. I’ve also had some weird luck with Pinterest telling me that something I’ve pinned has gone down in price.

      Can’t wait to see the two items you bought in your next money diary 🙂

      • That is damn genius. I think I will!! I didn’t know Amazon sold AirBnb gift cards, I love all your hacks (though I don’t have the Discover anymore…it got automatically closed from disuse)!

  • KD

    FYI – SK-II is 15% off at Nordstrom right now – masks & essence.

    • I got a note from Sephora to buy one yesterday. I also love how they have sales and extra coupons! My face is not ready for winter so I may need to get one ASAP.

      • Oh, I didn’t know there was such thing as a “winter face”! The Sephora app is great because they have app-only deals. I don’t buy much from there anymore though, because I have too many product as it is.

    • Thanks for the heads-up!

  • I bow to the queen of discount shopping! *if there’s a crown emoji, imagine I put it here* Seriously though, this is so apt as I was just talking about how Canada Goose never goes on sale with a friend last month. Thanks, Luxe!

    • Thanks, Daisy! Ha, yeah, can you put emojis in here??? Let’s try and see: 😄

      Glad you found the post helpful and hope you find your own deal!

  • Hubby and I used the shopping portals too when we got our Discover. First year 10% off in addition to the shopping portal discount was so sweet. It helped furnished our BnBs and I know now how big retailers ship 20 pillows…in the dumbest way possible. They even put packing peanuts. Um…they’re pillows morons 😂😂

    • Yeah, I don’t use my Discover card much at all, but when I do, the bonuses are usually the highest I’ve seen . I know you guys don’t spend much but having the Airbnb expenses really helps to rack up those points.

      Ha, yeah, packing peanuts for pillows is a bit much. The amount of non-environmentally friendly packaging these days is so frustrating.

  • poodleymix

    Hi hi! I absolutely LOVE my Discover it Card. Could you have saved an additional $95.20–doubling your $71.40 portal shopping and 5% cash back bonus of $23.80? Anywhoo, too late or you already did this a different year? Or maybe something that you can still take advantage for future purchases? New customers can definitely take advantage of …
    New customers get an additional bonus matching their entire year of purchases after 1 year. I’ve had Discover Card for ages and then switched to the Discover it Card for some kind of bonus at the time (free credit score every month was maybe the reason) and then when I heard about this new customer promotion in 2015 I called and asked if as an existing customer if they would do the one year match for me as well. And they said yes!! Cha-ching! And I did get my bonus a little over a year later and it was glorious! (Discover has had some insane promotions. I think around that time Apple Pay purchases for a
    few months around Christmas got 10% cash back and yep it was eligible for the end of the year bonus match making it 20% which is crazy! Unfortunately I did not have Apple Pay but it did make me consider switching to an iPhone.) Anywhoo, maybe you can
    take advantage the annual bonus in your next 12 months of shopping? Call their customer care and see if they still will allow an existing customer to do it since they had let me do it previously. It can’t hurt to ask right? Worst they can say no.

    • Hey!

      Thanks for stopping by. I bought the jacket in 2014, and I don’t think the cashback matching was introduced until 2015, so I was out of luck with timing. And yes, technically, I could have called to ask them to add me to the program, but since it was a several month gap I really didn’t feel entitled to it.

      I’m glad you were able to get the extra points, though! 20% is nothing to sneeze at!