What My Life Looked Like on a $58K Income in NYC

What My Life Looked Like on a 58K Income in New York City

I started writing this weeks ago, but then I got self-conscious and decided to scrap it. Doubts told me that this story wasn’t worth talking about. Because $58k is an absurd amount of money for a single person with no real responsibilities. Even in New York City. At least to me. And wouldn’t that be […]

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Six Ways I Use Mint to Maximize My Money

My Favorite Mint Tips and Tricks

A while back someone asked me to write a post on how to use Mint to check your net worth, and I said, ‘yes, of course’. Well, approximately one year later, here we are. Coincidentally, I was browsing the personal finance forums on Reddit the other day, when I noticed a pattern emerging with the […]

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