Five Things I Bought That Were Total Fails

Five Shopping Fails

*This post contains affiliate links–clicks and purchases could result a commission for me. I really appreciate your support! Everybody makes mistakes. Even people who blog about personal finance. While it’s easy to judge someone for ignoring their credit card limit or failing to contribute to their 401k, here’s a universal truth: bad purchases happen to […]

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How My $140 APC Jeans Are a Frugal Buy

How My A.P.C. Jeans Are a Frugal Buy

I like my clothes the way I like my stocks: I buy and hold. Case in point: I’ve had these A.P.C. jeans for 8 years. Eventually, a hole appeared behind the left knee. And then the crotch blew out. This is when most people would throw the jeans away. But I patched them instead. When […]

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