The Problem With Having a Funny-Sounding Name

The Problem with Having a Funny-Sounding Name

*Today I was supposed to write about credit cards, but after what happened in Charlottesville, I didn’t feel like it. So I decided to write what was bugging me instead. I hope you don’t mind. Your regularly scheduled programming will start up again this Thursday.* I have a funny-sounding name. It doesn’t just sound funny, […]

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How I Plan to Crush My 2017 Goals

How I'm Going to Crush my 2017 Goals

A few months ago I told you that if you want to meet your goals you might want to broadcast them to people. Because if you do, to avoid embarrassment, you’re more likely to follow through. So here I am, oversharing on my goals. Because I want to crush them. There’s nothing like being competitive. […]

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