I Spent $900 on Black Friday Sales and I’m OK With It

I Spent $900 on Black Friday Sales and I'm OK With It

To me Black Friday is just another sale. It’s up to me to wade through the noise and vet whether or not the deals are legit (they’re usually not).

30% off on something that usually goes on sale anyway? Yawn.

30% off on something that never goes on sale? Now we’re talking.

There’s a lot of stigma that comes along with shopping on Black Friday, but I judge my shopping habits as a whole, and not just by one day.

Some years I don’t shop Black Friday at all. It’s not a consistent pattern for me, and I can take it or leave it.

I also don’t shop in seasons. If I identify a need then the season doesn’t matter. Last fall I was looking for sandals. I never found any, so I went without. But I’m very proactive about what I think I will need later down the line, and I rarely buy things I need “right now.”

And my monthly shopping cadence is haphazard at best. For four months I either didn’t buy anything, sold a bunch of stuff, or returned items from the previous month.

As I’ve mentioned before, this is one reason I’d be a terrible style or fashion influencer.

Overall, I think my shopping habits are pretty healthy. I’m debt-free, and the annual amount that I spend is way less than the recommended 5% of my salary.

Plus, holding off on buying things until sales hit can be super strategic. Even though I can buy many things full-priced, I typically don’t until they are on sale.

Along with Black Friday sales, there are three more types of discounts you can stack around this time:

  • It’s the start of designer sale season
  • Cash-back rates like eBates and Jewel tend to be elevated for Black Friday (think, 15% cash back at Bloomingdale’s instead of 7%)
  • Credit card cash-back promos

So this year I walked away spending $900. Let’s see what I bought, and what I left behind.

*Some affiliate links below*

The Staples

A.P.C. Mac Coat, $250 ($230 with Jewel)
Retail: $590

Not a Black Friday deal, but sales started rolling in last Monday. This is the coat I mentioned in my wardrobe essentials post. Over the last few weeks, I checked 24 Sevres a few times and it was sold out. One day I checked again and they had one in my size. And it was half off! I thought it might be too good to be true, so I held my breath while checking out, but the transaction went through. I also used the cash-back site Jewel to earn 8% back. I do consider cash-back earnings to be savings, because I don’t touch that money at all.

I’ve bought two navy blue coats from this brand in the past, so this is a very safe bet. My current coat has another season left in it, so I’m going to wait before I bust this one out. In terms of price, I don’t think I could have gotten cheaper even if I flew to Paris and bought it with the VAT refund. I did end up buying the last one from that store, but right now the lowest price I see for it is here.

Matouk Monogrammed Towels, $102.90 ($82 with eBates and a $10 American Express promo)
Retail: $147

This was another pre-Black Friday buy. I realized I still had the same set of bleached towels since college so I decided it’s finally time to upgrade. My mom’s friend gave me a bath towel once, and I noticed it was much plusher and generally more enjoyable to use than the thin, scratchy ones I grew up with. I bought three bath towels and three wash cloths.

To stack discounts, eBates was offering 14% cash back, and my American Express card was offering $10 off a $100 purchase from select department stores.

Also, I know I shouldn’t be shocked, but I am so not used to bath towel prices. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw a standard wash cloth at Macy’s retailed for $16.

Diptyque Candles, $153 ($124 with eBates and Chase Freedom 5% promo)
Retail: $195

Yes, I buy expensive candles. I like the scents and these ones throw off a much stronger fragrance than others. I’ve paid the full price for these candles before, so it made sense to buy some while there was a discount. I got a larger size of the Baies candle and also the three-candle set. Neiman Marcus was offering $50 off a $200 purchase on beauty and fragrances, plus I used eBates and my Chase Freedom card for extra cash back.

Paula’s Choice 2% Skin Perfecting BHA Liquid, $23.20
Retail: $29

This was an opportunity to stock up on a staple, even though I don’t need it this very second. I’m using another BHA product of hers that I like much less (too sticky), so after I’m done with that so-so product I’m gonna go back to the original BHA.

The Tech Stuff

Native Union Charging Cable, $32 ($26 with eBates and Chase Freedom 5% promo)
Retail: $40

The cables that come with my phone can be a little too short, and my first-world problem is having to constantly reach down to the floor to grab mine. I’ve had one of these before, but it went defunct at some point, which is bound to happen with any cable. However, I’ve noticed Native Union now has a warranty program, so I hope to get replacements if something happens.

Lumee Phone Case, $30
Retail: $70

I was so smug about not using a phone case for my work phone, but then I dropped it in a bowl of cat food. The squishy nature of the cat food did nothing to break the phone’s fall. Result: cracked screen. Plus, I take a lot of pictures of food, so the lighting features can come in handy.

Siteground Website Hosting, $120
Retail: $192

I’ve been wanting to switch web hosting companies for quite some time now, and I heard that there were Black Friday deals, so I waited until now. I don’t demand much from web hosting companies, but I want the site to perform a little faster and to not have my e-mail inbox be full all the time.

You have to be careful with these tech deals, because they’re notorious for fake, inflated pricing. I did a bunch of searches for Siteground and saw that yeah, the original prices probably were inflated, but the sale price was still a discount.

Siteground will also migrate my site for me for free (normally it costs $30), which will make my life easier.

The Wildcard

If you’re itching to judge me for my spending, here’s your chance:

I bought a pair of Prada shoes.

Prada Velvet Platform Shoes, $316 ($291 with eBates)
Retail: $790

Were these a need? Absolutely not. Where they a want? Absolutely YES.

I came across these in the last few weeks and kept imagining them with a couple outfits from my closet. But of course the price was a barrier. Then I saw Browns Fashion was having a sale. These shoes were marked down by 50%, then there was a 20% off promo code, plus 8% cash back with eBates. They seem to be selling well at the full price at other stores, so I don’t think I could have waited for a better sale after Christmas. They’re not an everyday shoe, so if I end up keeping these, I will definitely be purging another pair of shoes from my closet.

What I Didn’t Buy

Hulu’s 99¢ Per Month Promo

Normally Hulu costs $7.99 per month, but they’re running a promo where you can sign up for 99 cents per month, for 12 months.

How the decision went down in our house:

Me: “I don’t even know what shows are on Hulu.”

Husband: “Well, there’s your answer for whether we should get it or not.”

I know it’s ‘hey-it’s-only-99-cents-who-cares’ level, but we already have more than enough subscriptions, and I don’t want another to track.


OK, the one thing I was specifically looking for, I didn’t buy! I have the most helpful Instagram friends (hi, Shanny and Bethany!) who sent me several deal options. Ones from good brands like Bose, Sony and Sennheiser.

But I was afraid of overbuying.

Even with the discounts, these options were $150+, and I thought they might be too feature-rich for what I actually need.

All the use cases on the product sites were things I don’t do: I don’t personally need noise-canceling, I’m not sophisticated enough to tell the difference between good sound and bad sound (I’m sorry, audiophiles), and I don’t use earphones to talk on the phone. I just need something that won’t annoy me to transport, can easily be pulled out when I’m on the train, and for using at work and at home.

As nice as the Bose ones are, and I do love top-notch quality, I don’t really need Bose.

Right now I’m leaning toward the Enacfire wireless ear bud options I linked in my gift guide, as they probably fit my actual use cases best.

Native Union Smart Hub Charger

Ugh, so I had no idea that there were power strips that looked “designed.” Obviously that’s my weakness! A lot of their sales were buy one get one free, but I thought that was too excessive. Especially as I hadn’t tried even one of chargers yet. And I read that it charged a laptop slowly. If it’s not effective, then it doesn’t matter how nice it looks.

Proenza Schouler ‘Hiking’ Boots

A few weeks ago I added these Proenza Schouler boots to my Pinterest wishlist. Last week I saw them on sale at bunch of places, but the sale price still isn’t good enough for me. These are definitely something I will check in on after Christmas, though.

The Phillips Sonicare DiamondClean  (My Ferrari Toothbrush)

Some people dream about cars. I dream about electric toothbrushes. The one lifestyle inflation move I’d recommend to anyone is ditching a manual toothbrush. They don’t clean as a well as electric ones. Anyway, the Sonicare DiamondClean is so sleek it basically belongs in an art museum, and the price is down to $120 from $200.

But I bought a mid-range brush last year, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. Again, I’d just be getting caught up in aesthetics. Over the summer this was an Amazon Prime Day deal for less than $120, so I know there will be another, better deal in the future.

All the sales seemed to start earlier this year, and most of the pre-Black Friday discounts were better than the actual day-of sales. So if the item you want is popular and inventory is limited, it’s probably better to get it early. Otherwise, the real clothing deals tend to happen after Christmas.

Did you shop sales last week? How did you decide what to buy or what to skip?

Feature Image: Unsplash

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  • Emily

    I LOVE those Prada platforms. No judgement here, because you are going to rock those! Thanks for sharing your purchases and giving us insight into what you chose to buy vs. what you resisted. It’s always interesting reading about the thought behind purchases.

    • Thank you, Emily–can’t wait to get them! I just got an e-mail saying there’d be a delay due to volume 🙁 I definitely wondered myself why I won’t pay 99 cents for entertainment, but I have no problem buying shoes.

  • Bethany

    Hi, back!

    I didn’t buy wireless headphones either. I might buy a cheap (but popular) pair on Amazon and assume it’ll work for me since I’m like you and don’t need fancy features either. I just get annoyed when my hand gets caught in my lame old wired headphones on the treadmill, haha.

    Also, Anker sells great cords, and on Amazon, with good warranties… but they’re not aesthetic and don’t have that cool weighted ball feature, lol.

    • Ha yeah, I get annoyed when I’m on the train and have to spend 5 minutes untangling the cord!

      I’ve heard good things about the Anker cords. I definitely don’t think there’s a great solution for wires, since they all seem to break down easily anyway. It’s probably better financially to just get the mid-range one! But yeah, I love the weighted ball thing so the cord stays on my bed.

      • Bethany

        Just FYI: some of the Anker cords do a lifetime warranty! For the phones that we think we’ll keep a while, we shelled out a few extra dollars to get the ones with lifetime warranty because I hate buying/replacing cords all the time.

  • alison

    This is probably weird, but I like to go to IKEA on black friday because I have a low crowd tolerance and a lot less people are in there than every other day of the year. Oh and the free birthday meatballs LOL.

    This year I made a list of stuff I need (or want, but mostly need) to look for during cyber week and a grand total of one of them is on sale–for more than I wanted to spend. I bought most of it not on sale because I’m tired of waiting, and I’m still hemming and hawing about the $70 Canon photo printer when I really wanted the budget cap on that to be $50. I need a new printer/scanner/copier regardless, and the cheapo models can’t print pictures to a quality I consider acceptable.

    • Going to IKEA on BF when no one is there sounds heavenly! That place is always so stressful, and I’m sure it’s been the source of plenty of arguments.

      I get what you mean about being tired of waiting. I did go to buy a few other things, but I waited too long and they sold out. So that’s the downside of waiting.

      Re: the Canon photo printer, I’d say if there isn’t a comparable model for $50, and it doesn’t significantly impact your budget, just get the $70 one.

  • Christina

    Those Prada shoes are BEAUTIFUL! Great buy especially if you can make them work with different outfits/occasions, and then potentially resell. I stocked up on skincare and cosmetic staples, and splurged on an AllSaints leather jacket I’ve been thinking about for over a year— on sale at Bloomingdale’s for 30% off, plus 10% ebates, plus got a $75 Bloomies gift card back on the purchase! And crossed some gifts off my list that I would have otherwise probably paid full price for. All in all, every purchase I made felt like a win- and if I change my mind, that’s what free returns are for!

    • I always look for a chunkier heel, because those are so much more walkable for me than stilettos. And yes, if I keep them in nice shape, I think I’ll be able to re-sell them, if need be.

      Black Friday is a great time to stock up on skincare and makeup! I’m wondering if I should have grabbed another Sunday Riley bottle for 30% off, but I already have a brand-new bottle I just started. And wow, it sounds like you got quite a deal on the leather jacket–triple dip!

  • Eddie

    Hey Luxe! Sick Prada, major come up. I did no Black Friday Shopping. I grounded myself from shopping after losing my second pair of Air Pods in less than a month (paid full price twice and in cash with no reward options). I am unable to have nice things. If I’m good, maybe I’ll go all out next year. On the upside, I had great Paella for Thanksgiving! Hahah

    • Eddie, your comments always make me smile! Two missing air pod sets in one month is ouchie central–I’d be so mad at myself if that happened! Paella for Thanksgiving sounds way more chic than turkey, to be honest 🙂

      • Eddie

        I’m glad ! Yeah I’m still learning, baby steps and such. Turkey is dry and not very yummy, unless it’s deli turkey. Anyway, catch you on the next one, Luxe !

  • We’ve been waiting to pull the trigger on a new laundry pair and almost did it during Black Friday. Thank goodness we didn’t, because a friend of ours decided to sell us her dryer for $100, and the dryer we want went on even more of a sale today with free shipping (which is amazing when you live where I do).

    I was also on the hunt for headphones and I had no idea how pricey the high end ones can cost! I settled on a refurbished pair of BeatsX. I’m hoping they do the trick. Good luck in your headphone hunt!

    • Wow, what serendipitous timing with your friend’s dryer! I guess it’s always worth telling friends and family if you’re in the market for something, because you never know.

      Yeah, headphones now are so fancy. I think way too fancy. And thanks–I need the lucky. Just when I think I narrowed it down I start investigating another pair…

  • We got rid of our Hulu subscription this year for the same reason you passed on it – we simply have too many subscriptions, and we’re not utilizing all of them to the fullest extent. There’s some cute shows on there, but honestly, you’re not missing much.

    • Yeah, the only shows I know that are on Hulu are Handmaid’s Tale, and I don’t want to sign up for just one show. And agreed, we’ve got Netflix AND Amazon Prime and don’t even use either of those nearly as much as we could. Sometimes it’s not about the money, but using what you have.

  • the prada velvet platforms are soooo cute!! i have no events to wear them to though lol

  • Miya Qiu

    I like that you’re unabashed talking about wants and luxuries. I see a lot of doubt and fear of being judged when I’m in fashion discussions. I wish people would be more confident in their choices with no reason to justify their purchases to anyone.

    Personally I bought a couple Uniqlo heattech leggings for Cyber Monday because my legs are always cold walking to work and I’m hoping these will fit under my skinny jeans. Got any secrets to keeping legs warm in the winter?

    From the “wants” perspective I’m eyeing the Ted Baker wool wrap coat in wine color, but (1) I’m only seeing the cashmere blend online, (2) the price hasn’t dropped enough to my liking, and (3) I’m going to London in a couple weeks and I’m hoping they’ll have a wider selection including 100% wool options. I’ll keep an eye out on further price drops online and hopefully pull the trigger after Christmas.

    • The Ted Baker wool wrap coat that they bring back every year is fantastic, if that’s the one you’re thinking of! I have it in a burgundy color that’s probably very similar in shade to the one you’re thinking of. I haven’t had any issues with the cashmere-blend fabric so far, it still looks as new as the day I bought it. (Admittedly, it doesn’t see as much wear as some of my other coats, I’ve only been wearing it in earnest for a year, and this is my second.)

      • Miya Qiu

        Great to hear! My reasoning is more that I want a thicker coat (am in Chicago) and our spring/fall days only last about 2 weeks. A thicker coat would get more wears, but I haven’t ruled out the blend version yet!

        Have you seen the price drop further than 30% off? I figure if I miss out on this year, they’ll always be back next year.

        • Ah yes, wool blend or wool/cashmere blend coats in general aren’t warm enough for the coldest, windiest days, in my experience.

          I bought mine online in February/March of 2017, so well after the post-Christmas sales were done for the most part, and I remember it was one of very few sizes/colors that was left. It looks like I only got about ~35% off then, so the discount wasn’t that great. (Maybe in-store sales or UK prices are better?)

    • People tend to think spending is shameful. But money is meant to be used as a tool, not just to hoard. The norm is also to buy a bunch of cheaper items, but I think it’s important to show that people who buy expensive items look for deals (don’t pay retail), and they also forgo the cheaper options so they can afford the expensive stuff.

      I have the Uniqlo piled heattech leggings. I tried them out under my jeans to go sledding, and they worked pretty well! I’d recommend them as a budget option, but when I was fancier I used to wear wool Falke tights with skirts in the winter. It’s actually warmer than jeans.

      Ooh, the Ted Baker coat will definitely be cheaper in London. It sucks that there are no 100% wool options, though. You might have to troll the secondhand market for that!

  • Do you ever go to the Diptyque sample sale at Century 21. It’s generally a gold mine and if you line up early (I would say 7 for an 8AM call) you will have your pick of all the classics and more.

    • No, I always assumed that they only sold the less-popular scents at sample sales. I wonder what the business incentive is to sell the classic scents. Are they seconds or flawed in any way? I’m not sure I have the stamina anymore to fend off crowds. I’m not a spring chicken anymore!

  • love your purchases! I also will pay full price for Diptyque candles ! They are the best. I purchased some Glossier makeup since they were having a sale and it never goes on sale — also used Jewel and got cash back!
    When you are eyeing stuff you want – how do you decide what is worth it and what isn’t? I spend a lot of time looking at clothing I like, but I’m curious how you decide to pull the trigger on something expensive if that makes sense. Do you usually see it at an expensive store and then just stalk the internet? Just curious if you have a process that works for you…

    • Right??? They are just far superior than others. I also can pick them up when I’m in Europe, but then you have to make room for them in your bag.

      Ahh yes, I did see the Glossier and I’m so glad you stacked the Jewel cash back!

      Great question re: when to pull the trigger. When it’s something expensive I estimate the likelihood of it selling out without a price cut. Some things just never go on sale. But most stuff will. Sometimes I wait too long and I miss out. That’s happened way more times than I care to admit! But for stuff I will wear a lot and I know won’t go on sale ever, (or very rarely) I’m willing to pay the full price. Everything else you should be able to find at a discount.

  • Alyssa

    I love your breakdowns on why you didn’t purchase certain items – I wish I had that restraint. Your style is so unpredictable! I definitely see a 90’s nostalgia thing going on and I dig it. 🙂 I have a secret Pinterest wish list board and got tired of seeing some items on there so looked to see if any were on sale and they were! I finally bought some Glossier makeup (20% off) after not really loving their skincare to see if it works better. Fingers crossed it does and doesn’t smell like a grandmother’s stale perfume cabinet.

    • It takes a while to figure out what items work for you–trust me, there have been a lot of mistakes, and there still are.

      I’ve tried to use the Shoptagr service to notify me of sales, but it doesn’t seem to work very well. And they send me a ton of e-mails even when the items I want are not on sale! So I have to do manual checks. But my willingness to follow up on items confirms that it’s not just a whim.

      Glossier never goes on sale so I’m glad you got some discounts! I have the balm dot com and also the boy brow gel. Both are pretty solid products.

  • Wait, whattt? Those headphones are so cheap, and the reviews are good, too! But will it be weird if I don’t wear headphones for sports?

    Yeah, I am really excited to receive the shoes already! And there are definitely similar-looking ones you can get that are way more budget-friendly. I’m sure the ones you have look great, too!

    I’ve been wanting a Roomba, but because we have rugs and uneven floors I thought a Roomba wouldn’t work well in our apartment. Plus, our apartment is only, like 700 square feet, so not sure how much time savings we’d achieve!

    A Korean body scrubs sounds so fabulous. I’d never heard of that before, but it seems like the perfect indulgent things to do and have some quality time with family. And that price for over an hour seems like a good deal!

  • Cackling @ your description of electric toothbrushes. But HOW COOL is the little UV light that magically cleans the brush like we’re in the year 3000?!?!?

    • Hehe, what? At how dorky I am??? The little cup design is a thing of beauty, sigh. Maybe I can’t get a Ferrari, but a Ferrari toothbrush is the next best thing, right?

      • Yes, because only you and my husband get this excited about toothbrushes (plural… teethbrush?!) haha

  • Great post, and you may have inspired me to do one of my own once I’ve decided what I’m returning, if anything! I’ve spent somewhere between ~$690 and $830 this year, with ~$240 of the ultimate total for Xmas gifts for K and his parents, the rest was for me, including ~$35 for books. (I’m entitled to ~$25 in cash back from Ebates/Jewel, but because I don’t add cash back to my budget until I receive the payout months later, it’s not something I personally factor in when I think about my shopping!)

    It sounds like we approach Black Friday shopping in a very similar way: Because I pay so much attention to sales the rest of the year and so many sales are available year-round, it’s not a special time. Especially when it comes to clothes, shoes, and accessories I’m interested in, I’ve probably tracked the item or the brand for a while, and I’m confident of my snap judgments about whether each available discount is special or not. (Whatever pops up around Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the period through Xmas, it probably isn’t that great for the things I’m usually shopping for.) Patterns of what I buy change a lot year to year, last year was mostly home goods from Macy’s and a small number of new leggings and tights, this year was… very different, let’s just say.

    Oh, and totally agreed that a Hulu subscription, even at $0.99/month, still isn’t that useful if someone already has Netflix and Amazon Prime. We had Hulu for a while (partially to watch one really obscure show, not even Handmaid’s Tale, and partially because they had some kind of bundle promo with HBO Now. We didn’t touch the Hulu subscription after we finished watching that one obscure show.

    • Thankfully I don’t come from a family where not giving gifts is blasphemy, so holiday shopping tends to be for ourselves. It’s a little weird, but it works for us!

      I don’t actively budget for shopping, so it’s not like I’m manually entering numbers anywhere, but I do know the cash back will eventually arrive so I feel OK about adding it in.

      I’ve gone through houseware binge-buys, too. This year I had planned to look at pillows at Macy’s and that didn’t happen. So I’ll just wait until next year.

      I’m pretty sure if we got Hulu we would have forgotten about it after the promo and ended up paying the full price several months before we noticed. We would have fallen into the trap! I need to re-assess Amazon Prime. We cancelled it before, but then I needed something to come immediately and so I fell under the Amazon spell again. But yeah, we don’t watch any of the shows on there.

  • Way back when, I had the scarcity mindset that was a marketer’s dream. I was convinced if I didn’t get in on this sale, I would never ever find such a great deal again and regret it forever. I’ve since experienced differently. If I’m not ready, another sale will come in the near future. When I learned to play the waiting game, I started seeing the big picture of the sale seasons and now prefer to wait until I’m sure about my purchases. I like this approach so much better.

    And I’ve experienced a similar shopping journey with headphones. I too spent years looking at deals on Bose headphones, even got up to negotiating on a refurbished set that was discounted. But I knew I wouldn’t use most of the features and never jumped. I ended up with a pair of midrange headphones that were perfect for my needs.

    • You have come such a long way from that scarcity mindset, Daisy! You’re so right that future sales are almost always going to be there. Sometimes the waiting game does blow up in my face. I wait too long and the item sells out. But really, none of this stuff is critical so it’s not the end of the world if I go without. It’s wants, not needs, you know?

      Yeah, I feel like all the headphone manufacturers are now at a point where they’re cramming in the most useless types of features just to charge more. At the end of the day most people just need something pretty basic.

      • “None of this stuff is critical…” – so true! I find even if a limited item sells out, I’ll eventually find an alternative I’m perfectly happy with when I want it. I used to think waiting would ruin things but definitely experiencing the opposite!

  • Oh, I didn’t see that option! But I’m not sure we need two of those in the house. We live in a city apartment with very little counter space. I’ll check Costco out next year!

  • SundayBrunchCafe

    I probably spent a pinch less than $900 but I’m actually terrible at tracking (PF #1 sin). I got things I had been budgeting for anyway – boots, art paints & journals (my heroin). The only wildcard was a multiway wrap/cardi & skirt by a local eco slow fashion retailer. Supporting small business and sale? Win-Win

    Oh, my wireless headphone lust is for the latest ANC sony’s. The only pair NOT on sale. So I’m in no rush.

    • Hehe, I feel like a lot of us PF bloggers actually commit tons of money sins. So many don’t follow a budget, for example, but that’s also because they’re so naturally frugal it doesn’t seem to matter much for them.

      It’s good that you had a plan for your spending and had budgeted for the items. That’s the way to do it! And supporting small businesses always feels good, even if it costs a little more than from the big-box stores.

      I could have sworn I saw the ANC Sonys on sale for BF!

      • SundayBrunchCafe

        They did have last years model on sale – but I’m a spoiled princess lolololol
        I justified it by saying that I didn’t want to spend the next 4 years thinking I could have invested in higher quality. (the lies we tell ourselves).

        Tots agree with you on the money sins – it’s a relative game – I figured I was better than I was 3 years ago when i was spending $400/week on dining out. Could I be better, sure. But that’s the think with discipline – there’s always leakage.

  • Merry for Money

    Aww you’re on Siteground!? How is it? I think your site is faster. I usually don’t have ads on but I whitelisted this blog last time on the desktop and I’m seeing them now and nothing on your website is slow or forever loading.

    That Lumi phone case looks so fancy!!!!

    • I haven’t transferred it yet! I just bought it. My site might be faster for you because of caching, but also because I figure your husband’s job needs above average internet speeds! Right now I get like, an F in every page speed test and it’s pretty disheartening. But it’s also because my site is really image heavy.

      Can’t wait to try out the Lumee!

  • GYM

    I bought an iPhone 8! Lol. But it was $0 and the additional 2 year extra cost on top of what I would usually pay is under $200. We also bought a Dyson Animal V8 (I have a DC35 but it smells strongly like my dog’s eczema), and got a king sheet set (unfortunately not white, grey) for $50 but used a gift card.

    • Oh, so you did get the new phone! It’s great you didn’t have to pay for it out of pocket. I don’t have a contract so I’ll always have to buy my phones for the full price.

      I was looking at the Dyson Animal V8, because there was the sale and it seems way more nimble than what we have now. We have an Electrolux that I’m sure was really expensive at the time, but it’s so clunky it’s like dragging a dog around the house. And those 500-thread count sheets seem so luxurious! I stocked up on home goods last year, but this year was all indulgent stuff for myself, hehe.

      • gracesface

        I have a shark navigator that I really like! I have a cat and dog so there is a lot of hair here. My only complaint is that it can be hard to get all of the dirt out of the cannister when it is full, as it is bagless. But it cleans way better than my Miele upright that I finally gave up on after 4 years.

        • The Shark seems way easier on the wallet than the Miele, so it’s nice to hear a data point that more $ doesn’t necessarily mean better performance.

          • gracesface

            The best Miele I had was one my husband rescued from Ebay.

  • Moriah Joy

    I love this! I’m finally at a place in my life where I can think about purchasing higher end, longer lasting quality things (Although at discounted prices), something that has almost morally gone against my belief system (because ya know, single mom, five siblings, we didn’t get a lot of expensive stuff). But growing up, I get the chance to change my standard of living, and I already know I hang onto things forever (case and point, I JUST got rid of the t-shirts I’ve had and worn since Jr. High), and it’s nice to have a friendly reminder that high end shopping can be done frugally as well!

    • Hey, I can buy things full price and I ALWAYS look for deals! You’re so right about having the chance to change your standard of living. I also came from a simple childhood. We didn’t even go out to restaurants. Not even a camping vacation. But I didn’t need that stuff to be happy. The key is never losing sight of that, even when you grow up and upgrade your lifestyle. And even after 10 years, I’m still slowly upgrading things one by one.

  • Long time i didnt shop anything for me.. Time to invest in myself 😉
    Greetings from Sweden


  • I’m pretty picky about bedding and towels, so I spend a decent amount of money on both. I use them every single day, so why shouldn’t I get something I love?

    As for headphones, I feel like the technology has become a commodity. My boyfriend used to have a Bose pair, but he lost them at the airport (sad) and bought these affordable Taotronics headphones (https://amzn.to/2E8yNrh) as a temporary replacement. He liked them so much that he got a second pair to keep exclusively at work. I own the Bose QC35 II, and I think the sound quality of the Taotronics pair is pretty good, especially when you consider how much cheaper they are than Bose or Sony.

    • What are your favorite brands and products for sheets and towels? I’m always on the lookout for brands that are actually quality versus ones that just claim they are luxury. I was looking at Macy’s for towels, but many of them didn’t mention the GSM or material, so it was hard to truly vet them. And yes agreed that things you use every day are worth the splurge. Although I didn’t know how a towel would improve my mood until I got that nicer one gifted to me.

      I love that your boyfriend got attached to the cheaper headphones! I totally agree with you about the commodity part. They aren’t meant to be things you’re going to keep forever, nor are they built to last. And they seem to “deprecate” pretty quickly so people feel the need to upgrade. Those headphones are a great find–highly reviewed and a nice price–thank you for the link!

      • So I don’t have any particular brand loyalty. I believe in the touch test more than thread count or GSM. I literally walk around Bed Bath & Beyond, Homegoods, and/or Macy’s, touching lots of towels and sheets. You quickly figure out what feels nice and what doesn’t. I’ve touched expensive sheets that don’t actually feel any nicer than cheaper sheets, so pricey does not always equal quality. In terms of material, I prefer 100% cotton, ideally Egyptian or Pima. In terms of weave, I like cotton sateen, because the sheets feel really smooth. Another thing I splurge on is pillows. I get a new one pretty much every year. Right now I’m experimenting with a shredded foam one from Amazon.

  • I always enjoy these posts! I love the focusing on aligning spending with values, and getting the best deal you can on the things that matter to you… I *try* to do the same although your skills at it are really next-level 😉

    • Glad you like them! It seems like many folks like to live vicariously without actually having to spend money themselves–financial win!

  • I always thought The Ordinary seemed too good to be true, so I haven’t checked them out. I already bought the Paula’s Choice one, but I’ll read up more on TO–thanks for the suggestion!