How I Bought My Wedding Outfits from eBay and Saved 70% Off

How I Saved 70% Off on My Wedding Outfits

If you’re looking for a wedding dress, you’ll probably check the usual suspects: bridal boutiques, pre-owned websites, and maybe some sample sales in your area. But there’s one place worth checking you might not have thought of. eBay. Yes, that online marketplace where you can buy things like Magic the Gathering cards and silver moon […]

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I Don’t Have an Engagement Ring and I’m Not a Loser

Cartier Ring Box

People get worked up about engagement rings. Just last week a coworker announced she was engaged. The first thing other women did? Rush over to scope out the engagement ring. That’s just what people do. Anyway who’s ever contemplated marriage has felt the intense social expectations about “the ring.” So when I tell people I […]

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Budget Weddings: Five Dresses Under $500 You Can Buy Right Now

Budget wedding dresses

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I’ve set myself up for a personal finance fail: planning my wedding in New York City. Warning: Since I’m knee-deep in navigating the wedding industry and how it affects money, I can’t help it—I’m going to be oversharing my thoughts in the next few months. If this will annoy you, then you […]

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