My Student Loan Story Was Lame: How I’d Pay It Off Now

How to Pay Off Student Loans

Confession: My student loan story is boring. It took me seven years to pay off 17k in student loan debt. Seven whole years. That’s a little over $200 paid per month. Meanwhile I get whiplash by so many awe-inspiring debt payoff stories like this or this. See? My story is unsexy in comparison. The $200 didn’t […]

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The One Thing to Do Today If You’re Tired of Being Bad with Money

What to Do Today If You're Bad with Money

As I’ve gotten better with money, here’s what I’ve noticed: spending money becomes less of a big deal. For example, summer’s winding down and I’m browsing online to see what I need for fall shopping. One of the bags I’m looking at costs over $1,000. It’s the type of purchase that would make my coworkers […]

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How I Bought My Wedding Outfits from eBay and Saved 70% Off

How I Saved 70% Off on My Wedding Outfits

If you’re looking for a wedding dress, you’ll probably check the usual suspects: bridal boutiques, pre-owned websites, and maybe some sample sales in your area. But there’s one place worth checking you might not have thought of. eBay. Yes, that online marketplace where you can buy things like Magic the Gathering cards and silver moon […]

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