I Just Spent $3,000 in Three Weeks. Here’s How I’m Dealing With It.

I Just Spent $3,000 in Three Weeks. What I'm Doing About It.

Expensive things are happening at Chateau de Luxe. Let me count the ways: on November 2nd, at exactly 9am, my husband snagged us a coveted dinner reservation for $367. In late October, I bought two tickets to a money conference for $378. And if you’ve noticed I’ve been quiet on social media lately, it’s because […]

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My Student Loan Story Was Lame: How I’d Pay It Off Now

How to Pay Off Student Loans

Confession: My student loan story is boring. It took me seven years to pay off 17k in student loan debt. Seven whole years. That’s a little over $200 paid per month. Meanwhile I get whiplash by so many awe-inspiring debt payoff stories like this or this. See? My story is unsexy in comparison. The $200 didn’t […]

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