Accidental Mega-Sale Roundup: The Best Stuff Leftover from the Memorial Day Sales

Yesterday I got an e-mail asking me about my go-to summer uniform. What would I recommend for walking shorts, sandals and chinos? Off the top of my head I didn’t know what to say, but after a slow day at work browsing sales for the type of clothes I would buy myself, the patterns clearly emerged for what I gravitated toward:

  • Shorts: Elastic waist and loose and boyish.
  • Chinos: Pleated at the top, slightly higher waist and relaxed at the bottom.
  • Sandals: A chunky sole, always.

I was traveling over Memorial Day and thought I missed all the sales, so didn’t bother looking. But even weeks after I surprisingly kept finding deal after deal. On stuff that is actually desirable, with prices that rival secondhand finds (my preferred way to shop). Which obviously meant I couldn’t keep the finds to myself. See below for my super curated Luxe-approved sale picks (read: stuff I’d buy myself).

My general sale tip: If something is 70% off, you probably won’t be able to find a lower price. But if it’s 40% off, you might want to keep tabs on it and hope for deeper discounts. And don’t forget to check cash back portals!

And per usual, I’ll be sharing what I actually bought myself, as well as extra sale picks in the newsletter.

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What about you? Did you snag anything good from the Memorial Day sales or are you waiting for deeper discounts?

Feature Image: Unsplash

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