2019 Shopping Roundup: All the Clothes I Bought and My 2020 Wardrobe Resolutions

2010 Shopping Roundup and My 2020 Wardrobe Resolutions

Happy New Year, friends! Today, on my dreary first day back to work, I bestow to you a voyeuristic view of my annual shopping habits. Uncensored and guilt-free.

My past shopping roundups:
2016 – 14 items for $1,313
2017 – 14 items for $1,011
2018 – 23 items for $928.02

My Year in Charts

This year, I bought 22 items and paid $4,284.83, but then I got back $660.62 by re-selling, so the net spend is $3,624.21. Half of my spending went to ONE item…

The breakdown:

2019 Shopping Breakdown: How Much I Spent on Clothes (The Luxe Strategist)

Evergreen reminder: many people who spend big aren’t paying full retail prices. Sure, I could buy a mid-market pair of boots for $300 retail, but why would I when I can get a more stylish pair for the same price at 70% off?

You also often see me advocating for shopping secondhand, but surprisingly, half of my purchases were new last year. However, I am an aggressive sale shopper, and the majority of my new purchases were discounted.

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My top three places to shop were all secondhand, with The Real Real leading the pack.

Where I Shopped in 2019

Onto the catalog! I’ve asterisked my favorites of the year.


My Cartier Tank Solo Watch - Women's Small
Cartier Tank Solo watch

1. *Cartier Tank Solo Watch, $1,714.78
Retail: $2,623.88
Bought from: Fashionphile

My highest priced item, but easily my favorite of the year. I wear it every single day and don’t feel the need to shop for another watch or jewelry ever again.

2. Draper of Glastonbury Slippers, $113.40
Retail: $126 (used a Black Friday code)
Bought from: Draper of Glastonbury

My beloved Minnetonka slippers split open after five years of use, and I spied some quality issues in the latest product photos. After an extensive Sherlock Holmes-style investigation, this British pair were the only slippers where the materials and construction weren’t sourced from Asia.

3. Marsèll Mandorlato Bag, $191.48
Retail: $798
Bought from: Farfetch

I always forget about Marsèll. They are such a quiet brand that I never see advertise. But when I went to Barneys a few weeks ago and tried on their boots, I remembered how they always seem to use the most luscious leathers. Although honestly? The thrill of finding a massive discount completely swayed me. I plan to sell an existing bag to accommodate.

4. Filson Canvas Tote Bag, $100
Retail: $190.53
Bought from: The Real Real (Get $25 off your first order)

Definitely not a necessary purchase, because who really needs multiple bags, but I have one work bag that I abuse by shoving my laptop into it almost every day. To give that bag a break, I bought this lighter-toned canvas option for summer. It’s traditionally a men’s bag, so of course my husband liked it and we’ve been sharing it ever since.

5. Dries Van Noten Cat-Eye Sunglasses, $76
Retail: $375.62
Bought from: The Real Real (Get $25 off your first order)

Most of the time I feel like a crusty tomboy, and sometimes I want to contrast that with a little glamour. Also, I very much admire Dries Van Noten as an artistic designer, and I’d be lying if I said that part of me doesn’t want to be associated with him by buying his products. I am always on the lookout to add more Dries to my closet.


Fucshia Pink Balenciaga Halter Dress

6. Balenciaga Halter Dress, $110
Retail: ?
Bought from: eBay

Because I was going to a black-tie wedding and had nothing to wear! And it’s Balenciaga! Good options from Rent the Runway were still kind of expensive, and you have to send them back. And every new dress I looked at was made out of polyester and cost hundreds of dollars, which felt like a scam. This isn’t my most practical purchase, but it’s so comfortable and easy to wear, I could sprint in it. I WILL find a way to get my money’s worth for this dress, even if it means going to the grocery store in a gown. Also, I am available to attend your wedding.

7. Vintage Cotton/Linen Dress, $36.98
Retail: ?
Bought from: eBay

I was inspired by a vintage-style Dries Van Noten dress that retailed for over $1,000, but I wasn’t willing to pay the price for that, so I bought a real vintage dress that was a better fit for my body type.


8. *Nicholas Kirkwood “Hiking” Boots, $326.63 (Similar)
Retail: $1,088.75
Bought from: Net-A-Porter

I originally wanted a Barneys pair of boots, but they never seemed to go on sale, and since these were on mega-sale and had a better toe box shape, I bought them off-season in July. I’ve been wearing them nonstop this winter.

9. Chanel Slingbacks, $374.50
Retail: $952.65
Bought from: Tradesy

I had been saving up to buy these new in Europe, but got too distracted to shop in Italy. Then I realized the exact colorway I wanted was discontinued. So I took the risk to buy secondhand when I saw them on Tradesy, and the deal was sweetened with a $50 new customer credit. It’s a heel with no sex appeal, and that makes me feel like I’m not trying that hard. Plus, they work with baggy jeans.


10. Pringle of Scotland Merino Wool Sweater, $120.20
Retail: $299.41
Bought from: La Garconne

Since moths ate my vintage cashmere sweater, I was looking for a replacement. New cashmere is so delicate these days, so I went with a heartier merino wool. I’ve even machine washed this a couple times, with no casualties so far.

11. Re/DONE White Muscle Tank Top, $30
Retail: $95
Bought from: The Real Real (Get $25 off your first order)

I know, they’re so simple, but I am very particular about sleeveless tops. I will only wear muscle tanks, and even then, the armholes need to be deeper. But these are a little tooo deep. I still don’t think I’ve got it right.

12. *Maison Kitsune Polo, $67.50
Retail: $145
Bought from: 24 Sevres

As I mentioned, I have strong opinions about sleeves. If they are feminine in any way, that’s not going to make it into my closet. I randomly saw this on 24 Sevres–the longer sleeves, the looser fit, the drawstring. It was so me. I was sad it was sold out, but kept checking the product page. One day my size was restocked, so of course it was meant to be, and I pounced. Literally. I broke my rule of never wearing new clothes without washing them first, I was that excited about it.

13. Uniqlo T-Shirt, $9.90
Retail: $9.90
Bought from: Uniqlo

If you’re craving a certain color combination, Uniqlo is great for that. I bought this ribbed T-shirt for its pistachio color, and love how it’s an affordable way to play with a trend.

14. 3.1 Phillip Lim Cropped Sweater, $48
Retail: $381.06
Bought from: The Real Real (Get $25 off your first order)

Sweaters are my weakness. I sincerely don’t need anymore, but I wanted to experiment with colors and play with winter whites. I wouldn’t pay full price for Phillip Lim, but the secondhand price was just right.

15. Madewell Tanktop, $12.50
Retail: $12.50
Bought from: Nordstrom

I got influenced when I saw my friend wearing this on Instagram, then started texting her to tell me where she got it.

Thrifted Wool Buttondown Shirts

Last in the tops category, I bought two shirts from the thrift store. In general, I don’t thrift anything that I don’t think I can re-sell later. Wool overshirts is a trend I’d been interested in, so I’m not only wearing sweaters in the winter for warmth. But new options were expensive and/or poorly designed. For me, thrift stores make a lot of sense for indulging in trends.

16. Vintage Woolrich Plaid Quilted Shirt, $6
Bought from: L Train Vintage

17. Vintage Striped Wool Shirt, $8
Bought from: Goodwill

Jeans, Pants and Skirts

18. Dickie’s Carpenter Pants, $39.99
Retail: $39.99
Bought from: Tilly’s

Nostalgic for my high school days, and finding the perfect shade of light pants is impossible. I can also see these styled with both pairs of shoes I bought this year. These haven’t arrived yet, and there’s a high chance they’ll be a dud because of sizing, but a girl can dream about the perfect pair of off-white pants.

19. *Mother Tomcat The Confession Ankle Jeans, $187.27
Retail: $266.74
Bought from: Revolve Clothing

The perfect inseam on my 5’2″ self? I’ll pay good money for that. I hardly ever buy cropped jeans; I’m not model tall and hemming them ruins the silhouette. While these jeans were expensive, they never go on mega-sale, so I bought them when I saw a slight discount from Revolve.

20. A.P.C. Denim Mini Skirt, $40
Retail: $146.98
Bought from: The Real Real (Get $25 off your first order)

I’ve always liked this denim skirt, but I didn’t like the price, and I just needed to find it secondhand in my size and that was a done deal.


Rochelle Sara Zeno Black One Piece Bathing Suit

21. Rochelle Sara Zeno One-Piece Swimsuit, $92
Retail: $230
Bought from: Matchesfashion

Thinking ahead years down the line, I wanted a suit that was timeless. So, solid black but with a deeper U-neck and wider straps.

Coats and Jackets

Herno Navy Blue Hi-Lo Windstopper Down Jacket

22. Herno Puffer Jacket, $579.60 (Similar or this)
Retail: $920
Bought from: Barneys (RIP)

My final Barneys purchase! This was a Future Me investment to lock in the current price as my jackets wear out. Less expensive puffers can keep you warm just the same, but you lose out on a slim fit and nice details. This jacket has a flattering shape that makes you look like a Sleek Marshmallow. Plus, clothes are about expressing individuality, and I don’t want a jacket that’s everywhere.

My 2020 Style Resolutions

Impulse shop more.

Most style advice tells you to make a list of what you need, then only buy from that list. For me, what I “need” is disingenuous, because I truly don’t need anything. And when I put pressure on myself to focus on buying a specific item I tend to settle, which never works out. When I think about it, most of my favorite, most well-worn purchases were all random pieces I came across on a whim. They immediately made me react to them. I want more of those pieces in my closet.

Be better about re-selling unloved items.

I could have done a better job this year selling pieces I don’t really use or wear. I’ve already set aside two items to ship off to The Real Real.

Aim to fund shopping with extra money ONLY.

Saving my most ambitious goal for last. None of my discretionary spending puts me into debt, but as I was looking over my money, I noticed I’ve recently earned a decent amount of side money outside of my salary–$300 for opening a checking account, $125 for doing a health assessment at work. I thought, what if I limit my clothing funding to just those sources? No day-job money at all. If I want something, I have to find money from an alternate source or sell something I have. This could be a huge challenge, especially as I’ve been looking at bags, which aren’t cheap…

How did you do in 2019? Any notably good or bad purchases? Are my 2020 goals crazy? What are your wardrobe resolutions?

Featured Image: The Luxe Strategist

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