2017 Goals Recap: Did I Really Crush It?

My 2017 Recap: Did I Crush My Goals?

Everyone’s in goal mode right now. We’re never more motivated and hopeful than we are this week. The future is looking bright.

I’ve got my shiny list of 2018 goals just like everyone else. But before I dive into future goals and resolutions, I think it’s important to look at something else first:

How well I achieved my 2017 goals.

One thing I’ve learned is that the key to setting myself up for future success is by looking at my past. Without some kind of retrospection, it’s too easy to keep making the same mistakes, failing, and wondering what happened. Because relying on wishful thinking and willpower is not enough.

This past summer, I wrote about my 2017 goals, and how I was going to crush them. Now that the year is over, it’s time to not only see how I did, but talk about WHY I think I succeeded at some goals and failed at others. What worked and what didn’t? And how can I apply those strategies to future goals?

1. Achieve a Net Worth of $325k

Results: Pass

I ended 2017 with a net worth of $344k, so I surpassed my goal by almost $20k—hot damn! Considering most of my money is in investments, I owe it all to the stock market, which is on a tear.
2018 Net WorthGrowing my net worth to $100k took seven long years, but people weren’t joking when they said it all snowballs from there. So I’m beyond excited to see how it grows next year, and the next.

But after I thought about it, I decided that a net worth goal is actually a bad goal, in the traditional sense. At least for me. A goal is something you strategize and execute on. My net worth goal had checkpoints in place, but there was no real effort involved: cutting back my spending, earning more, or increasing savings. And my savings are on autopilot, so this achievement just kinda happened.

I realized that I don’t like goals that are too easy. Plus, stock market returns are a huge variable you can’t predict.

For those reasons, I don’t think I’m going to set any net worth goals anymore.

2. Make More Stuff

Results: Fail

This is the one that hurts the most. The goal was to make a dress by the end of October, and also a leather valet tray by the end of the year. Completing these two things would have unlocked my Person Who Makes Shit achievement, but for now, I still haven’t earned that badge. Here’s how far I got:

First I chose a dress pattern. I was craving something vintage with interesting details. Something I could gallivant in if I ever went to the Amalfi Coast in Italy.
Vintage Dress Sewing Pattern
Then I made a mockup or prototype of the top part of the dress. In case you’re not familiar with sewing, I never go directly into making anything with the final fabrics. You never know what kind of fit or sewing problems you’re going to have unless you test it first. It’s a total pain, but I notice the final product always looks so much better if I take the time to do this step.
Muslin Mockup for a Vintage Dress

Then I shopped and bought the final fabrics.

Italian Cotton Fabrics from Mood

And then that’s it for the dress. I didn’t touch the prototype again until this weekend, months past the due date.

As for the valet tray, this is a project I definitely forgot about. But I wasn’t totally unproductive as a whole. I did end up making a few tassels to give away for my six month blog anniversary:

Vegetable leather tassels

OK, so why did I fail this one?

I’m not going to make excuses for myself. That “life got too busy” or whatever.

The reason why I failed this is because I didn’t care enough. And when you don’t care enough about something, you won’t move it up the priority ladder. Which is exactly what happened. The sewing project was, like, maybe fifth on the priority list, but it could never surpass my #1 time-intensive priority: the blog. Plus, I forgot about the second part of the goal entirely! That wouldn’t happen if you really cared about something.

It’s that simple.

But I’ve seen what I can do if I DO care about something. I’ve stayed up until the wee hours of the night to finish my work. What motivates me to get stuff done? Accountability. If I know there will be a negative consequence (like, missing out on something I really want), or people are depending on me for something, then I’ll do whatever it takes. For me, not finishing the projects didn’t provide enough of a negative consequence, so I let it slide. Another thing I learned: Posting your goals on a blog is not enough. What I should have done is make the project more visible, like announcing a date for when I’d show everyone the final project in a blog post. Now THAT would have made me bust a move.

3. Spend No More Than $1,000 on Clothes

Results: Pass

Charlotte Olympia Daisy Shoes

In 2017 I spent $998.07 on clothes–success! I used to spend $2000-$3000 on clothes per year, but cutting back to $1,000 is a good exercise in restraint. Plus, I’ve built up most of my basics and don’t “need” much anymore. Everything was looking good until my third money diary, when I made a new purchase, knowing it would push me over the $1,000 budget. I said I’d fix the problem by selling off some items from my closet. Here’s what I sold:

  • A.P.C. sweater
  • Acne Bird sweatshirt
  • Isabel Marant linen T-shirt
  • Charlotte Olympia Daisy wedding shoes (above)
  • Girlfriend leggings

I ended up making about $329.40 off the five items, which is a decent ROI, considering what I paid for everything. I’ll do a deeper dive on these clothes in a different post.

I could have easily failed this one, but I got back on track by making tradeoffs.

4. Drink Less Coffee

Results: Pass

And now we’re down to the hardest goal of all: quitting a habit. It’s safe to say that after 6 months, I’m officially done with coffee!

But it wasn’t easy. Quitting coffee wasn’t without a few false starts.

The first thing I did was try to incentivize myself like a first grader with a printable calendar and stickers. Every time I went without coffee, I’d give myself a sticker for that day. But as you can see, that didn’t really work.

Sticker incentive chart

And then I tried a similar system in a planner I loved. A check meant I went without coffee that day; an ‘x’ meant I failed. Again, I wasn’t consistent with this system. It seemed I could go 3 or 4 days without coffee a week, but not every single day.
Shinola Planner
So, what actually worked?

Replacing the habit.

At first, I tried replacing with fruit or a pastry. But I still craved coffee and gave in.

Things didn’t start clicking consistently until I replaced coffee every morning with tea. And no, I’m not addicted to tea now, either. To achieve this goal, I had to understand what it was about coffee that I liked. It wasn’t necessarily the taste, but the routine of grabbing a warm cup every morning. Tea was the perfect substitute. It has all the qualities I need, and I know I’ll never crave the tea taste the way I do with coffee.


Did I crush it? Sort of. Changing a habit takes time and discipline, but some goals really are a matter of figuring out your priorities.

So, to recap, these things helped me succeed:

  • Caring a lot about the consequences if I don’t follow through
  • Having due dates and measurable benchmarks.
  • Planning for how you’re going to course correct when things don’t go as expected
  • Persisting with alternative tactics instead of giving up after the first failure
  • Replacing a habit with a different one

There’s one thing that did not work: just wishing and hoping something would happen because I’m extra motivated.

What were your 2017 goals, and how did it go? Any learnings for why or why something didn’t happen?

Feature Image: Unsplash

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  • I started the year on the 52 Mondays plan with 10 goals. Some I achieved, others not so much. I think what helps for me is to have fewer goals with short timelines. I don’t do well staying motivated over long periods. Something else always captures my fancy.

    I have one goal for 2018: become an entrepreneur. I’m working on opening a grocery store. I’ll also continue working on my blog (because I enjoy it), but I don’t expect it to be a huge revenue generator for a while. In the meantime, I’m thankful for savings.

    Oh, and the fact that you can make your own clothes makes you just that much cooler than I already thought you are. I haven’t made any of my own clothes since my Girl Scouts uniform in 8th grade.

    • I’ve never heard of the 52 Mondays plan, but I looked it up, and it looks awesome! I think the actionable part for each Monday is key. Inspiration isn’t enough. I totally agree on having fewer goals with shorter timelines. I think that’s another place I went wrong with the sewing goal. I should have included a smaller checkpoints into my calendar, making it more visible. Not out of sight, out of mind, which is what happened.

      I love that you have just one goal that you can focus on. And wow, a grocery store! I don’t even know how that happens, but I’m looking forward to following along on the blog. I’m partial to ecommerce businesses myself 🙂

      • I don’t know how it happens either, LOL! I’m figuring it out along the way. Thanks so much for the Twitter shout out. I appreciate it.

  • Dave @ Married with Money

    Awesome! Thank you for not setting net worth goals – it’s a pet peeve of mine I just wrote about for last Friday’s post 🙂 Too much external impact. Instead I find that I prefer to focus on systems and other things. Saving $18,500 in my 401(k)? That’s a good goal. But if the market tanks, I don’t want to feel like I’ve failed a goal. Likewise, I don’t want it to be too easy. Set up a system, have some targets in mind, but don’t get overly encouraged or discouraged based on where that number ends up.

    I’m writing about 2017 and our 2018 goals for tomorrow’s post. Truth be told I’m a bit excited to have a lame, quiet year.

    • Yeah, rookie mistake 🙂 I agree with focusing more on things that I can change myself. Plus, all I’d done a while ago is just set up automated savings a while ago so it’s not like there was much effort from me.

      Your goals post was jam-packed! And yes, I’m looking forward to not having to pay for a wedding and breaking a finger in 2018.

  • Hey HM,

    Thanks! I think a savings goal is great…but that’s not a net worth goal. The net worth depends on outside factors like stock markets, houses appreciating, etc. And you never know which way they’re going to go!

    Yeah, you don’t get to be the Luxe Strategist without the strategist part 🙂 You also don’t need to spend tons to have a wardrobe that makes you happy.

  • I’ve never had a NW goal before because it’s not really sensible but I was tempted to set one this year just because I’m trying to set a concrete goal for our overall financial health. Maybe it’ll have to be an Invested Assets goal.

    My goals for 2017 were impacted drastically after we decided to move, which should be no surprise because I stopped having time or a life for about 6-10 months. I can’t be too mad, I loooove our new place. 🙂

    More importantly, some were also not that specific, so I’ve rolled those over to this year as research points and added concrete goals for 2018.

    Not goals-related, I’m sorry I missed you when you came out!

    • Yes, I’ve discovered a net worth goal is not very sensible, but I don’t really have any other real money goals. Basically, just save as much as I can!

      Well, I’m jealous you own a place! I know I could make it happen, too, but I haven’t made the sacrifices/trade-offs like you have. But yeah, an 800-square foot apartment here in NYC doesn’t seem quite as important right now…

      And yes! Totally missed you! I should have bothered you more about it, but I just assume when people don’t respond that they’re not interested. Gotta get better with that. Anyway, it really was a great group–the SF crew is super lucky.

  • Great job Luxe! Tell me a bit more about the coffee habit. I was a bit surprised that you tried to beat it with food swap outs. What was the reasoning behind it? A cup of black coffee has way more health benefits than pastry (and some would even argue fruit…but I won’t go there). The tea switch is definitely ideal, depending on what you drink.

    • Thanks! Haha, here was my thought process re: swapping coffee with food. So, I thought I was drinking coffee as “breakfast,” because I don’t eat proper breakfast. I tried to replace with fruit or some kind of pastry. In terms of health benefits, I decided to quit because of simplification reasons. I never drank coffee before until I met my husband, and I just didn’t like how I started depending on it. And yes, the tea swap is working perfectly 🙂

      • Ah makes sense. I wish I could have coffee for breakfast but the monsters in my stomach always demand more! Dammit!

        • I feel like it’s from my childhood. Breakfast wasn’t really a thing, so I was definitely the kid in school with a growling stomach! Although I’ve tamed the monsters by now.

  • This is the first year I’ve set goals in a loooong time, motivated by my 50th birthday in November. Your thoughtful retrospective is super-instructive and also gives me the courage to be transparent on my own blog.

    I had a similar experience with switching to tea and am really glad I did. No afternoon crash and a big cost savings, even if I buy relatively good stuff.

    Happy New Year!

    • Hey, happy belated birthday! I’m glad my overly detailed post-mortem was helpful for you. It was hard to face my sewing goal was a failure, but I think it’s important to learn from failure.

      I just looked at your blog. I love the visible mending–that’s something some high-end designers do on purpose!

  • Eddie

    Hey Luxe,

    Sweet reflection! Over the weekend I was doing some reflections myself. My goals from last year were very generic, however I managed to meet them all. First, I wanted to travel more and I did. I went to a few domestic spots and few abroad. Second, I wanted to gain some weight, I gained approximately 10 pounds, which is major for my body type. Lastly, I wanted to relocate. I moved to San Francisco six months ago and I am loving it.

    I met my goals because they were extensions of bigger goals. For instance, travel and relocating would only have been possible by graduating college and saving money, both of which were already premeditated or in the making for years. Gaining weight was a specific fitness goal rather than just “working out more.” Initially, I strove for 7 pounds and gained 10 instead. I had already frequented the gym long before 2017, but never truly followed a weight gaining regime.

    I am looking forward to working on 2018 goals. They are a little more mature in nature like maxing my 401(K) and such. Also, can’t wait to read yours!

  • Erin @ Reaching for FI

    Yep, I set a net worth goal last year without thinking about how I’d be relying at least partially on factors outside my control to reach it. No net worth goals for me this time! Although I can’t wait for the year where reaching $100k is finally within reach. I’m already ready to see my money working for me!

    And super congrats on the giving up coffee-you’re a stronger woman than I am!

    Happy New Year, Luxe! I’m excited to see what 2018 has in store for you 🙂

    • Yep, same. I can’t wait for you to reach $100k, too! Even though I didn’t make a ton of money, I was lucky to not go to a private school. Otherwise, my NW would not be where it is.

      The coffee was so hard and I had a ton of false starts, but I think I finally figured it out.

      Happy New Year to you, too! I gotta go to DC sometime to hang out 🙂

  • I’m thinking about overhauling my approach to New Year’s resolutions and/or my larger goals. I tended to set fairly fuzzy goals (though I often have some kind of concrete goal in mind – work out x times, do y with this amount of money that’s coming in) that I would generally meet, but I’ve still ended up unsatisfied with my progress. Those workouts x times a week that I consistently did weren’t actually enough to give me any progress on fitness, I don’t feel like I have the best handle on money goals even though I’m checking all the boxes and tracking my spending and meeting loan repayment goals, etc. I’m thinking that a set of “smaller”, more specific goals with more frequent check-ins will be better for me, but the exact shape of my list of goals is TBD.

    I’m trying to reduce coffee consumption this year, though my problem was actually that I was going to Starbucks and the like way too often. I don’t mind if I still have coffee with a little milk maybe 2-3 times a week at the office (it’s free!) but I just don’t want to have a daily habit or something where I feel deprived or feel caffeine withdrawal if I need to go without.

    • I’ve noticed if I focus on one or two at a time, I tend to have a LOT more success with my goals. So I think you’re on the right track.

      What kind of money goals aren’t you meeting if you’re checking all the boxes? Just curious. For me, I’ve sort of accepted that I am not going to buy real estate in the city. Even thought I might have the money, it still hurts me to think about paying $800k for such a small apartment with few amenities.

      I used to go to Starbucks a lot in the summer and get those frapuccinos–I kind of shudder at how much sugar and money I spent there. Thankfully, I quit it cold turkey one day. I feel you on not wanting to develop a hardcore habit–that’s part of why I decided to quit–I didn’t want to get to a point of dependency! Other people love coffee, and that’s cool, but I didn’t love it enough so it was worth making it a habit.

      • I think feeling a little off about my financial progress is a product of a few things that generally aren’t about how I actually manage the money I have. Among other things, I’m not very good about the math and forecasting, so how much progress I do (or don’t) make is usually a surprise, even if I had enough information to calculate it sooner. I’ve also had some arguable “bad luck” in terms of when I made my job transitions and bonus eligibility, so my yearly compensation has always lagged behind typical numbers for my peers.

        I think I’m also still grappling with just how big the opportunity costs of my clerkship were, and how long it took to get ramped up to get back on track after starting my new job.

        • Sounds like you had an “off” year, and we kind of did, too. We had the wedding plus two bigger trips instead of the usual one.

          And sorry you missed the bonus!

  • TheFrugalOnion

    I think you did a great job! Even though you didn’t finish the dress by October, you finished it. I had so many sewing projects I never went back to. It is a shame! For 2017, I only had two goals – Lose weight and save $50k. I didn’t lose any weight but I did save $62k.

    • Oh, I didn’t finish it! Of course, it really doesn’t help that I’m a total perfectionist when I make things. But it’s getting there. I also got discouraged because I got to step that was really hard–something I’ve never done before. So I had to be in a mindset where I was inspired–otherwise, I wouldn’t work on it. You should show your sewing projects on your blog. And wow, so awesome you totally smashed your savings goals!

  • I think you crushed everything that you cared about so yes I say it’s a mighty fine year! I don’t make goals (and you can forget about quarterly goals…) because the organization gene missed me by a mile. How strict was your deadline for these goals?

    I didn’t have goals for 2017, not even the double comma one, that one came 10 months early I think. I found out for us it was 3 years to make the first $100k but only 4 years to get the $900k! J$ had a post about it and our math is not particular. The first $100k is grueling! Congrats on hitting your NW goal 🙂 it’ll go up so fast from here.

    Will your clothing budget go up next year?

    • I had specific deadlines for everything, so yeah, I fell down hard on the sewing one. That was supposed to be October 31st. Also, I’m someone who’s always late and likes to do things on her own time. Contrast with my husband who always follows the rules to a T. He would have had NO problem with my goals, I don’t think, which is interesting.

      You’re going to be on CNBC soon! How many 26 years olds have a million dollars? Also, 100k to 900k in 4 years is so dreamy. I can’t wait until the 100ks just keep multiplying more quickly.

      Good question re: clothing budget. I kind of like the limited budget, but at the same time I want a Cartier watch. Those don’t cost less than $1,000…

  • Congrats on crushing most of your goals! It’s interesting that the accountability of just putting it out on the blog wasn’t enough for you. I think I’m kind of the same way – which is why I haven’t done an update on my tiny house savings goal 🙈. I’m starting a new goal adventure in 2018, and my plan is to give much more regular updated to keep myself accountable and share what I’m learning as I go. Can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store for us!

    • Yeah, I think it’s easy to feel like posting on your blog is enough to keep you accountable, but if you think about it, so many bloggers start their blogs for accountability and still end up failing. So yeah, I think it’s a good start, but not totally effective (as per my experience!).

      Cool, I’m excited to hear about the tiny house goals more! And yay, happy 2018 to us! Stay warm, please. I feel like I’m dying here and it’s only in the teens.

  • GYM

    Wow I commend you for stopping coffee!! It’s such a craving. I used to not drink coffee and just have tea and the past few years I have it every day. Also your net worth is lit! (Do you like the millennial word I used?). Great job on the sub $1000 clothing spend too. I think I spent $600 on clothes and things this year but I’m not stylish since newborn mom attire tends to be sweat pants lol.

    • Oh, I blame Teddy on the coffee. I have had to tell him to not make me any anymore. So yeah, that’s another takeaway–you have to tell your friends/family about your goal so they don’t tempt you.

      Hahaha, re: net worth! Thank you! I feel pretty proud of it, considering it’s my own $, and I started late because I clowned around school. I’m sure you’re totally a stylish mom! And didn’t you know sweats are on trend now???

  • I’m curious, what are your reasons for wanting to quit coffee? I’ve done the pros vs cons analysis on coffee and have decided coffee adds so much value to my life and is actually good for my health. This might not be true for everyone because coffee can worsen anxiety in people with that problem.

    • Oh, I wrote about it in this post:

      Basically, coffee has never been a thing that made me happy, and I was kinda just drinking it because my husband did. Lifestyle inflation alert! I figured it would be good to simplify my life. No health reasons or anything. I was a happy camper before coffee, so I just have gone back to my natural state 🙂

  • Congrats Luxe on accomplishing most of your goals! I’m not a coffee drinker but from the few occasions I’ve had it, I could see why a lot of people are so addicted to it. You feel more alert and energized. But for me the added costs to either have a coffee maker or going to the local coffee shop on a daily basis drove me away from drinking caffeine. I would opt for tea.
    Nice job on your net worth, just keep saving and let your investment accounts keep building. You don’t need a specific number to reach for a goal, keep doing what your doing!

    • Hi Kris, thanks! I’m not sure if I ever really noticed the effects of coffee on me, but I can also be super dense. I know it wasn’t something I personally valued (although I can totally see how others do!), so I figured it’s worth removing from my life. My husband used to buy coffee out every day, but we got a coffee machine and make it from home. It still costs money, but much less now.

      Ahh, yes, sometimes I get so impatient about net worth! I’m basically hoarding cash now so I can pounce if I see a correction, heh.

  • Frugal Asian Finance

    Congrats on passing most of your goals! I’d consider 2017 a big success for you, especially when it comes to your net worth. That’s impressive!

    I’m curious to see how the dress will eventually look. It looks so cute already!

    • Hey FAF, thank you! 2017 was definitely a whirlwind–but I’d say the same about you. The growth you’ve achieved with you blog is something to be super proud of! And it’s all because of your hard work.

      Yes, I can’t wait to finally finish the dress. Maybe that will happen in 3 years from now.

  • Sounds like you nailed the goals you care about. I’m posting my 2018 goals tomorrow. I also will not have a net worth goal. It’s way too market dependent. Lets focus on the things we can control. Oh and I spent way less than $1K on clothing for myself. I don’t break out clothing as a separate category. Spending $200 is probably about right. My wife spent quite a bit on maternity clothes and the kids keep growing so they spend a bit more than I do.

    • Oh, I don’t doubt you spent less than 1k on clothes. Remember when you tried to shame me, haha?! I’ll go check out your post!

      • Thanks for checking it out. I’d never shame you. Hope it did not come across that way. I loved that post. It’s cool to buy expensive things if they are really worth it to you. It’s about value, not price.

  • I’m not sure I could ever give up coffee (and still have a job, that is – it totally starts my day!).

    I met most of my resolutions from 2017, with the biggest one being to start letting the little things that bother me go. I’m still struggling with anxieties, but it’s getting better and easier.

    One of my goals for 2018 is to put on my big-girl pants an open a Roth IRA, but I have no idea where to start! Searching on the internet sends me in circles, and I can’t always know if someone is getting a kickback somewhere or not :/

    • Ha, I do remember some people telling me they couldn’t speak in the morning unless they had coffee. So I think I’ve always been kinda casual about it. For that reason, if it’s not a ‘hell yes’ then why not remove it altogether?

      It’s so important to have mental health goals, so it’s great you’ve started to let little things go. I’ve gotten better with it myself, and my life is so much less stressful that way.

      Ahhh, yes, a Roth IRA! That’s the second thing I opened up after my 401k. I know what you mean about seeking out advice, and ending up just as confused. Sometimes there IS such a thing as too much information, especially when it comes to personal finance. And all the complicated terms don’t help, either. I personally have my Roth IRA with Vanguard (there are no affiliates or anything), because they have funds with low fees. For many people the minimums to invest hold them back–you need at least $1,000. I took my $1,000 and picked the Vanguard Star fund (VGTSX). Then when I got more money I picked other funds. If you really don’t want to make any decisions when it comes to investing (and want to be in and out in like, 20 minutes), lots of people go for the robo advisors: Betterment and Wealthfront are the two I hear a lot about. The fees are a little higher, but they also basically do everything for you. I haven’t tried either, though.

      • Thank you for responding – I’ll definitely look into those! I appreciate having a place to start 🙂

  • Mrs. Farmhouse Finance

    It certainly looks like you crushed it! I used to get an upset stomach from how much coffee I drank, but have found the sweet spot for me is one cup a day. I’m definitely not addicted, and can totally give it up (and do when I’m not feeling well), but I do enjoy the taste and a warm cup in the morning. I love reading these recap posts. It’s motivating to see how much people accomplished over the past year, and figure it out for ourselves, as well.

    • Yeah, coffee can be kind of acidic sometimes, right? I think I was like you where I wasn’t in the addicted category yet, but it felt like lifestyle inflation to me personally since I never drank it before I met my husband.

      I love reading post-mortems, too. Although I see a lot more resolutions posts than the recaps!

  • Frugal Money Man

    Congratulations on kicking coffee! I know I definitely couldn’t do that.
    I think the most brilliant point you raise in your post is that if you don’t actually care about something, then you won’t give it time. We naturally want to change so many things at once in our lives, when instead we should just be focusing on 1-2 simple things that we are really passionate about. This allows us to focus intensely on those few items, and we know we will improve those areas because they are areas we actually care about.
    Good post!

    • Hey Frugal Money Man, thanks for stopping by! Yeah, it’s funny how something can shoot up your priority list if you truly care about it. For me, it became something I really needed to budget my time for. And I’ll face it: time management is not my strong point (and a source of anxiety for my husband!) But yes, looking at my actions versus my words have really given me tons of clues about what works and what doesn’t.

  • Reforming spendthrift

    I too kicked coffee recently and experienced the same thing as you. I replaced my coffee with tea (if I needed a little caffeine kick) or just a mug of hot water (if I just wanted a warm drink). It’s been three months and the only thing I miss is saying I’m meeting someone for a coffee and being able to have one. The tradeoff has been sleeping better and making better decisions on whether to stay up late / party since I no longer have coffee to keep me awake.

    • I’m trying to think about what I used to do when I didn’t drink coffee and I was with someone who did. I think we just didn’t do coffee meetups! And it helps I used to be a creature of the night…

      So cool you’ve kicked the habit as well! I haven’t noticed any benefits so far, but I’m sure I will soon. Thank you for stopping by!

  • I think you did crush it actually! I like how self-aware you are about what works for you – easy goals bore you, the coffee systems you started with didn’t work – and how you remember failures aren’t game over. Also, welcome to the tea-drinking club! There are one or two blends that taste coffee-like if you’re looking, though it seems you prefer your tea not to taste like coffee. Just saying though! 😂

    • Oh, thanks! I’m very disappointed about the dress, but I can always finish it on my own time. Actually, the more I think about it, I think self-awareness is really important in terms of handling your money. For example, if you know you’re going to spend all the money in your checking account, maybe the solution is to hide some from yourself. I wish our culture emphasized the importance of knowing who we are and why we do the things we do. Instead they push us to buy things to make us happy!

      Yeah, I’m totally fine with my free tea. I do like the taste of coffee, but I realized it’s not the reason I ever drank it. Although I’m curious how the coffee-tea tastes!

      • Genmaicha is a favorite tea of mine – a bit like those nuttier coffee blends. I heard Lapsang Souchong is pretty strong too though I haven’t drank enough of it to be sure. Keep in mind though that they’re coffee-like so coffee’s still got a stronger flavor.

        And about the push to spend more, I agree. It’s something we don’t realize while we’re in our teens and early 20s; I don’t regret my money journey but I’d have probably gotten my head on straight quicker without that push.

  • Freezeman24

    Achieving 3 out of 4 goals is pretty good congrats. Also way to go on your net worth goal very impressive. I think this year I am going to set a net worth goal and see how it goes. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Part of it is I don’t have a ton of goals. Just a handful so I can actually achieve everything! With the net worth, just remember that the results are mostly out of control (with the market), so it might be better to have a savings rate goal instead!

      • Freezeman24

        Oh that is true about the market. So much of my net worth is tied to the market (like everyone else). Thanks have a great day 🙂

  • Birds of a FIRE

    Making your own clothes sounds so cool! And the leather valet tray. So many good leather shops in midtown (but WHY are they only open on weekdays 🙁 ). Would love to see DIY posts on those in the future :).

    • I actually don’t make my own clothes very much! It’s so much easier to just the stuff premade 🙂 I mostly order my leather from outside of NYC because I’ve noticed it’s cheaper AND better quality. But for fabric, thankfully Mood is open until 7-ish on weekdays!

      • Birds of a FIRE

        Where do you get your leather from?