10 Must-Have Fashion Items That I Don’t Buy

10 Iconic Fashion Items I Don't Buy

Let’s talk shopping!

Now that fall is here I’m seeing a lot of marketing for all the trends you need to have.

But are cropped flares really must-haves for everybody?

So today I’m doing something different.

As much as I love seeing what everyone has bought recently (please don’t stop those shopping budget posts!), I think it’s just as interesting to hear about the things that people DON’T buy.

Here are the 10 fashion “classics” or “essentials” you won’t find me shopping for.

1. Ankle Boots

I’ve searched high and low for ankle boots, but I haven’t come across a pair that are flattering on me. Most of them hit my legs at the wrong spot and make me look stumpy, and then I’d need to wear them with dresses (which I hardly wear) or super skinny jeans (which I also don’t wear). I bought a pair of Isabel-Marant inspired ones years ago at a fast fashion store in Paris, and I wore them to death. But after that I’ve had no luck. I bought a pair of really cool Martin Margiela ones with a hidden wedge, but I had the same problem where I didn’t have the right clothes to wear with them. Then I resold them on eBay after accepting the fact that they were a bad fashion buy.

2. Strappy Sundresses

When summer rolls around, it’s hard to resist the allure of the sundress. I mean, what says summer better than a strappy sundress in a fresh color? But I’ve never felt comfortable baring my back and shoulders. So any back-baring dresses with thin straps are a no-fly zone in the Luxe camp.

3. White Button-Down Shirt

Did you know that white is not my color? When I tried on wedding dresses I realized that white brings out all the ruddiness in my skin tone. So my wedding dress was more of a pinkish-ivory color than white. Plus, it can be so impractical. I did buy a white button-down from Madewell once, and maybe this is TMI, but the armpits turned yellow almost immediately. If I worked in an environment where I needed to dress up, I’d maybe pick one up, but I wouldn’t invest money here.

4. Ballet Flats

I tread carefully here, because I’ve noticed that the heft of the shoe I wear makes a difference in how tall I look. It’s an illusion type thing–similar to how a nude shoe can make your legs look longer. Anyway, when I wear shoes that make my feet look smaller, I start to look shorter. That’s why I stay away from shoes with a very thin sole. I need a chunkier sole or a little bit of a heel to keep me looking in proportion. For that reason, I’ll always reach for a loafer over a ballet flat.

5. Chanel Bags

They’re classic and hold their value really well. But just because they never go out of style doesn’t mean they are right for you. I judge bags by their features and how well they go with my wardrobe, and quilted leather isn’t a feature I’ve ever really thought about.

6. Cardigans

I prefer a cleaner look, so I’ll always go for a crew-neck sweater over a cardigan. Pulling a sweater over your head is definitely more hassle than pulling on a cardigan over your shoulders, but I don’t wear dresses much, which is when you’d most likely need a cardigan. But if I do have to wear something over a dress, I have an oversized blazer I can wear instead.

7. Levi’s 501s

This is the one that I want to make happen so badly, but the reality is none of them ever seem to fit me, especially in the length. Instead I’ve found other styles, like the 1967 505 vintage fit, or the wedgie fit, that work much better for my build.

8. Leather Jackets

I feel like this is very much in the “must be a cool person” prerequisite category. I don’t think I’d feel like myself in a leather jacket, and shouldn’t clothes make you feel like the most you you’ve ever felt? Then there’s the whole ‘finding one that’s the perfect fit’ problem. Because if you’re going to buy a leather jacket, the fit has to be on point. I swear my friend has been looking for one for more than five years already.

9. Leggings

I don’t exercise on a regular basis, so there’s no real use case for me to have leggings. Remember when I saw a promo price for Girlfriend leggings and bought some? Yeah, that was silly. I have two pairs of leggings, which includes one pair that I really like and wear 90% of the time, so I don’t feel compelled to add any more.

10. Super Skinny Jeans

Often deemed a classic for every wardrobe, I don’t like how my legs look like encased sausages in jeans that are tight at the ankle. Sometimes it feels like super skinnies are the only options available in the stores, which is frustrating, but I’ll still spend the time to find straight-leg jeans, which are a much better option for me.

Now that I read what I wrote, it seems I’m really insecure about my legs, which isn’t true! I love being space efficient. But I try to be realistic about buying clothes that flatter me, which is something I never really considered when I was younger.

And for the record, I’ve seen every single one of these items look fantastic on someone else, so I’m not universally panning them. But I do think it’s important to make sure you’re dressing in a way that works for you.

What about you? What are things that you don’t buy that everyone says you should?

P.S. In case you are in a shopping mood, check out last year’s post on how I’d approach fall shopping.

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